About Us

Founded in the year 2000, Makeover Cosmetics is a leading global manufacturer of aspirational and branded cosmetic products. The brand started its life as a prestige range of professional make-up solutions, used mostly by make-up artists and designers. Over the last decade, it has evolved into an innovative, on-trend, well priced and quality make-up concept that renews itself to meet the demanding fashion beauty needs of the modern consumer.

Makeover Cosmetics is an international makeup brand known for its professional quality and affordable prices. Our basic and most fundamental mission is to develop, produce and offer the best cosmetics range available by creating a wide array of options for women who crave sophisticated innovation. Makeover cosmetics encompasses every professional make-up product you need, from Full Coverage Foundation, Highlighter & Contouring Palettes and Blushes, Double-Pigment Eye Shadows and Lipsticks.

Makeover’s prestige products are created and manufactured by its own experienced factory; OEM business has more than twenty years experience in the scope of makeup packaging and finished makeup products. In the past years, based on the company core strategy of high quality and innovation, we have integrated our capabilities in design, manufacture, market, and established great business relationship with global brand customers in more than forty countries.